Application requirements

An application will be made to the Trust, explaining why the artist wishes to participate in the program, and describing the project to be undertaken during the proposed residency. The proposal must provide a plan for how the applicant proposes to use his/her time. Applicants should also identify and demonstrate the availability of resources and the capacity needed to undertake the proposed project effectively during the residency.

Applications must be submitted in writing, either via email or regular mail, courier or hand delivery. Digital submissions should be no larger than five megabytes (5 MB) in total file/message size.

To be deemed a complete application, the following components must be submitted on or before the application deadline by each applicant:

1. Application form

  • applicant’s contact information
  • applicant’s biography
  • artistic merit
  • creative disciplines
  • project description
  • mentorship
  • project timeline
  • references
  • application checklist

2. Signed declaration form

3. Curriculum vitae

This can be provided as a portable document file (PDF), submitted in hard copy or provided as a link to a website or social media channel.

4. Portfolio

Portfolio components

Each application must be supported by documentation that is sufficiently representative of the applicable artistic discipline and the artist’s body of work. For visual artists, images will be required. Musicians will be required to submit recordings. Authors, playwrights and poets must provide samples of their writing. The portfolio should:

  • illustrate past work as an independent professional artist and provide a resumé and samples of their work (i.e., the applicant works full-time as an artist and has been trained in his/her art form)
  • demonstrate recognition by peers and the artist’s community
  • explain how the residency will expand and develop his/her work as an artist and contribute to the creative process, building on past work

Portfolio – Submission specifications

Textual material

  • the main text font must be no smaller than 11 pt
  • saved as a PDF file (preferably searchable/accessible)

Digital images

  • JPG/JPEG format
  • from 2887 x 2164 pixels to 3468 x 2600 pixels per image
  • a maximum of 10 images per application

Audio/video files

  • for audio, the preferred digital formats include: MP3 or WAV
  • for video, the preferred digital formats include: AVI, MPG/MPEG or WMV
  • file formats must be playable on tablets and/or standard CD/DVD players
  • YouTube links are also acceptable

Applicant portfolios, or portfolio components, may be provided or submitted by web links and/or social media channels (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, etc.).

5. Application deadline

Applications must be received by the Trust on or before the annual submission deadline.

Applications must be submitted to the Ontario Heritage Trust by email (, or by regular mail, courier or hand delivery to:

Doris McCarty Artist-in-Residence Applications
Ontario Heritage Trust
10 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1J3

Decisions will be made in mid-November each year. Only complete and fully eligible applications will be processed. Successful candidates will be notified in early December.

If candidates have questions about eligibility, the application/assessment process or the residency program in general, they are encouraged to contact the Trust at 416-314-4907 or by email at prior to the annual application deadline.