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Each issue of Heritage Matters provides a snapshot of Ontario's unique heritage – with stories about conservation efforts and partnerships, as well as articles about our shared past and exquisite artifacts. There is something here for everyone!

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MyOntario – A vision over time [PDF | 5.8 MB]

Inside front cover: Todd Stewart | Page 2: Kathleen Wynne | Page 3: Beth Hanna | Page 6: Thomas H.B. Symons | Page 7: Michael Runtz | Page 8: Konrad Sioui; Muhammad Qureshi | Page 9: The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell | Page 10: Paul Yee; Melanie Pledger | Page 11: Kathleen Wynne | Page 12: Marshall Pynkoski | Page 13: Karolyn Smardz Frost; Sam Steiner | Page 14: Jean-Luc Pilon; Afua Cooper | Page 15: Michael Bliss | Page 16: Susan Bryan | Page 17: Philip Pritchard | Page 18: The Honourable James Bartleman | Page 19: Manuel Stevens | Page 20: James Raffan | Page 22: D'Arcy Jenish; Jim Szilva | Page 23: Carl Benn; Mélanie-Rose Frappier | Page 24: M. Margaret Froh | Page 25: Atom Egoyan; Charlie Fairbank | Page 26: Yannick Bisson | Page 27: Steve Paikin | Page 28: David Rayside | Page 29: R. Donald Maracle; Joëlle Roy | Page 30: Eleanor McMahon | Page 31: The Honourable David Onley | Page 32: Joseph Desloges | Page 33: Josephine Mandamin; Adrienne Shadd | Page 34: Larry Wayne Richards | Page 35: Ellen Scheinberg; Dr. Patrick Julig | Page 36: William R. Fitzgerald | Page 37: David P. Silcox; Georges Quirion | Page 38: Kevin Mannara; Holly Martelle | Page 39: Deepa Mehta; Scarlett Janusas | Page 40: Arlene Chan


Voices of the landscape, September 2016

The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts (by Beth Hanna, CEO) | Cultural landscapes – An evolving and enlightening approach to heritage conservation (by Thomas H.B. Symons, Chair) | The cultural landscape – A framework for conservation (by Beth Hanna) | Cultural landscapes, the Métis way of life and traditional knowledge (by Mike Fedyk) | Reading the landscape (by Wendy Shearer) | I’m not hunting on your farm … you’re farming on my hunting territory (by Paul General) | The changing landscape of farming (by Matthew Somerville) | Nochemowenaing: You don’t need to walk through here (an interview with Anthony Chegahno) | Industrial cultural landscapes: Fragile and fugitive (by Christopher Andreae) | Where is who we are (by Gerald Hill) | Cultural landscapes: Challenges and new directions (by Lisa Prosper) | Reconnecting with Cree culture, language and land (an interview with Bob Sutherland) | Tools for conserving cultural landscapes (by Thomas Wicks) | Scotsdale Farm – An experience of interwoven landscapes (by Sean Fraser) | Further reading

Medical science and innovation in Ontario, February 2016

An enduring legacy (by Beth Hanna, CEO) | Ontario’s medical heritage (by Thomas H.B. Symons, Chairman) | Ontario’s medical legacy (by Dr. Jacalyn Duffin) | Doctors, discoveries and developments: Medical achievements and health care in Ontario | Vera Peters and the fight against breast cancer (by Dr. Charles Hayter) | Repairing hearts: Innovations in cardiac surgery (by Dr. Shelley McKellar) | Indigenous traditional medicine | Blood-forming stem cells: An Ontario story (by Dr. Hans A. Messner) | Realizing the dream: The discovery of insulin (by Michael Bliss) | Web resources


Revealing the past: Ontario’s archaeological heritage, October 2015

Revealing the past: Ontario’s archaeological heritage (by Beth Hanna, CEO) | Archaeology fundamental to our province’s heritage (by Thomas H.B. Symons, Chairman) | Archaeology 101 (by Ron Williamson) | Looking at archaeology from all angles (by Martha Latta, Richard Zane Smith and Michel Savard) | Sustaining Ontario’s archaeology digitally (by Neal Ferris, Rhonda Bathurst, Michael Carter and Namir Ahmed) | The history of archaeological investigations at the Thomson-Walker Site (by Alicia Hawkins) | Breaking ground (by Lena Rye) | Challenges of archaeological collections management (by Robert MacDonald) | By the numbers (compiled by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport) | Seeing the unseen: Archaeology and geophysics (by Dena Doroszenko) | Resources (compiled by Patryk Weglorz)

Play. Endure. Inspire. Ontario’s sport heritage, February 2015

Play. Endure. Inspire. Ontario’s sport heritage (by Beth Hanna, CEO) | Ontario: A culture enriched through its sporting traditions (by Thomas H.B. Symons, Chairman) | Sport matters: The value of sport to society (by Bruce Kidd) | A night out at the Gardens (by Russell Field) | Aboriginal athletes: Competing for recognition (by Janice Forsyth) | Disability in sport (by David Legg and Ian Brittain) | Stick handling: The evolution of an icon (by Bruce Dowbiggin) | Sport heritage by the numbers (by Laura Walter) | Resources


Conservation at work: Understanding Macdonell-Williamson House, December 2014

Message from the CEO (by Beth Hanna) | Message from the Chairman: Exploring Macdonell-Williamson House (by Thomas H.B. Symons) | Perspectives on a site: Artifacts, fragments and layers (by Dena Doroszenko and Romas Bubelis) | Engineering a solution: A structural perspective of Macdonell-Williamson House (by Michael Csiki, Majula Koita and Chantel Godin) | Understanding Macdonell-Williamson House through four artifacts (by Sam Wesley) | A story of two families (by Valerie Verity) | Along the Ottawa River (by Erin Semande)

On the eve of war: Ontario in 1914, February 2014

Ontario and the First World War (by Beth Hanna) | A message from the Chairman: Ontario in 1914 (by Thomas H.B. Symons | The end of an era (by Erin Semande) | Fighting power: Ontario soldiers in the making (by Jonathan F. Vance) | Feature story – On the eve of war: Ontario in 1914 (by Wayne Kelly) | An interview with Laura Brandon | As summer fades (by Sam Wesley) | Resources | Insert – News from the Trust – Thonnakona: Returning the ancestors to the land (by Beth Hanna) | One hundred years of entertainment (by Janet Gates) | Heritage Matters 2.0 (by Gordon Pim) | In the coming months


Ontario’s theatrical heritage in the spotlight, September 2013

Digging Spadina House | Celebrating Emancipation Day 2013 | Partnering for conservation | Treading the boards | The evolution of the panto | Feature story: Perspectives – The Elgin Theatre at 100 | Second run: A new life for an Ontario theatre | From Stratford to Shaw: Transforming smalltown Ontario | Bringing vaudeville back into the limelight | What’s on the shelf | What’s on the web | In the coming months

Building communities: Heritage conservation districts, May 2013

Recognizing heritage conservation efforts in Ontario | Districts Open Ontario | Telling our stories on Facebook and Twitter | Oil Springs Heritage District: Working from the ground up | Grassroots heritage: The stewards of New Edinburgh | Feature story: Heritage conservation districts: The most popular tool in the heritage toolkit? | How districts change | The Goderich story: A lesson in survival | Heritage conservation people | What’s on the shelf | What’s on the web | In the coming months

Painted Ontario, February 2013

Exploring the heritage of human rights | A tribute to Lincoln Alexander | Heritage and the arts: Seeing Ontario from a whole new perspective | Archaeological treasure in a provincial park | The world according to Homer | Feature story: Painted Ontario | Off the wall | Communities embracing our landscapes | Collections for the people: The Government of Ontario Art Collection | What’s on the shelf | What’s on the web | In the coming months


Back to the land, October 2012

The Trust welcomes its new Executive Director | Parliament announces new arrivals | 2012 Adventures in Archaeology at the Spadina Museum | Unveiling the past in 2012 | Understanding indigenous agricultural systems | Thistle Ha': A national historic farm | Feature story: Protecting Ontario's agricultural landscapes: Challenges and opportunities | Keeping Ontario's farm heritage alive | Coming together | Evolution of the agricultural cultural landscape | What's on the shelf | What's on the web | In the coming months

Special Edition: Understanding the French experience in Ontario, May 2012

A message from the Chairman: Ontario’s Quiet Revolution | Feature story (An interview with Madeleine Meilleur – read the complete interview here) | The early French experience in Ontario | Choosing sides: French presence on the Detroit frontier during the War of 1812 | Developing communities: French-Canadian settlement in Ontario | Keeping the faith: The Church and French Ontario | Contemporary immigration of francophones to Ontario | Portrait of a growing diversity | Prayers, petitions and protests: The controversy over Regulation 17 | Arts and culture in francophone Ontario | Waving the flag – A conversation with Gaétan Gervais | Young francophones | Web rseources [News from the Trust insert: Carrying the past forward | In the coming months]

Special Edition: Perspectives on the War of 1812, February 2012

Greetings | Feature story (Perspectives on the War of 1812) | Fighting for freedom | Finding our place | Postcards from the battlefield | Keeping the peace: Quakers and the War of 1812 in Upper Canada | The heritage of Ontario’s forts | Forgotten by her country | Upper Canada’s first parliament buildings: A place of hopes and dreams | Resources [News from the Trust insert: Built 1797. Burnt 1813. Back 2012! | Doors Open Ontario – The next generation | Not just another opening | In the coming months]


Special Edition: Celebrating the International Year for People of African Descent, November 2011

Greetings | Feature story (Celebrating the International Year for People of African Descent) | The life of the mind in the Promised Land | Len Gibson: Ontario dance pioneer | A tribute to Dudley Laws | Looking beyond the law | The journey of the Africentric Alternative School | Recognition, justice and development | Overcoming historical amnesia: Recognizing people of African descent as pioneers and community builders | The UNESCO Slave Route Project: Itineraries of African-Canadian memory | Wilma Morrison: A life of activism | Changing perspectives on the past | Black heritage resources [News from the Trust insert: Upcoming provincial plaque unveiling – The First Regular Baptist Church | Breaking ground virtually: Looking through the Henson Family Cemetery | Parliament opens for Heritage Week 2012 | Events and activities]

Investing in preservation, May/June 2011

Feature story: Investing in preservation | Accolades and awards | Heritage 2.0 | The roots of democracy: Ontario's first parliament buildings | The Enniskillen Valley Land Acquisition Project: Making stewardship count | Heritage in the public realm: Everything old is new | Lessons in preservation: A profile of two Ontario schools | Seeing the unseen: Archaeology and geophysics | What's on the shelf | In the coming months

Into the Kawarthas, January 2011

Feature story: Into the Kawarthas | Recognizing Ontario's heritage champions: A profile of two Ontario communities | Ten years of opening doors | Peterborough's living history museum | CCM 3.0 – Reimagining the Canadian Canoe Museum | Doris McCarthy's Fool's Paradise will inspire future generations of artists | Exploring the Trent-Severn Waterway | Recovering from disaster | What's on the shelf | What's on at the museum | In the coming months


Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity

Feature story: Biodiversity in Ontario – Taking up the challenge | Trailblazing | Saving biodiversity, one property at a time | The people’s park | Reclaiming Fleetwood Creek | New life for an old property | Enhancing urban biodiversity | Working with stewards and partners | What’s on the shelf | In the coming months

Finding our place in Ontario’s history

Feature story: Heritage starts here: A brief history of identification | Maintaining a national treasure | What’s under the veil | Tracking Olmsted in Ontario | Self-identifying | What a difference a day makes | Cataloguing a community | Leading by example | Designations in bulk | What’s on the shelf | What’s on the web | In the coming months

Exploring Ontario's southern peninsula, February 2010

Feature story: Exploring Ontario’s southern peninsula | Board appointments | The history of Chatham-Kent | Bkejwanong: Sustaining a 6,000-year-old conservation legacy | Seeing better days | The archaeology of southwestern Ontario | Walkerville: The heritage of a company town | What's on the shelf | In the coming months


Special Edition, Celebrating Ontario's places of worship, September 2009

Feature story – Ontario's rich religious heritage | Launching the Places of Worship inventory | Christ Church and the Queen Anne Silver | Churches of "New Ontario" | Religious freedom in the promised land | Toronto's synagogues: Keeping collective memories alive | A legacy of support: Faith-based community outreach in Ontario | Places of worship in Ontario's rural cultural landscapes | Enduring stewardship preserves a treasured heritage church | The changing face of worship | Form and function: The impact of liturgy, symbolism and use on design | Art in the church and the church in art: Work of the Group of Seven | The music of worship | Gothic traditions in Ontario churches | Ontario's postwar places of worship: Modernist designs evoke traditional styles | The challenges of ownership | The challenge of change in the Catholic Diocese of Pembroke | Adventures in light and colour | Sacred landscapes in Ontario's communities | From Hamilton, a municipal perspective | Adapting today's places of worship | Places of Worship resources

Heritage in the new economy: Making sense of sustainability, May/June 2009

Feature story: Subsidizing demolition | Communities leading conservation | Working for change | The sustainability of place | Heritage in harmony: The integration of natural and cultural landscapes | Subsidizing demolition | Rebirth of the Wychwood Barns | Discarding the past | 100-mile conservation | What's on the shelf | In the coming months

Ontario's eastern treasures, February 2009

Feature story: Ontario's eastern treasures | Honouring Ontario's premiers | Protecting Ottawa's Carp Hills | Heritage off the 401 | The Rockwood story | From mill to museum | The new St. Brigid's | Building on the past • What's on the shelf • In the coming months


Adapt/Reuse, September 2008

Feature story – The heritage of faith: Ontario's places of worship | Understanding adaptive reuse | Alma College remembered | Kingston: Time and again | Celebrating Ontario's trails | Second chances for Peterborough's priceless heritage | The character of adaptive reuse | What's on the shelf | In the coming months

Looking north, June 2008

Feature story – A renaissance of northern heritage | Along the Arctic watershed | The Cobalt historic mining district – A community resource | Northern icons | Opening doors to the north | A season of unveilings | Ontario Heritage Trust celebrates Heritage Week 2008 | From the Mather-Walls collection | Our francophone heritage | Adventurous workers wanted for remote locations – housing provided | Routes through the wilderness: The development of a transportation network in northern Ontario | What's on the shelf | What's on at the museum | Guest columnist – Northern Ontario: An authentic heritage

Engaging citizens in community conservation, February 2008

Feature story – The past empowered | Making a difference | Friends of the Trust | Counting our blessings | An evening with Stephen Lewis | Ontario's black heritage network | Opening doors of opportunity | Province welcomes new Culture Minister | Enoch Turner Schoolhouse – a citizen's legacy | Oil on canvas | Have you seen this building? | Raising the curtain: How the Winter Garden Theatre was rediscovered | Grassroots conservation | What's on the shelf | Guest columnist – Community conservation: Ingredients for success


Fact or fiction: Demystifying the myths around going green, November 2007

Feature story – Fact of fiction: Demystifying the myths around going green – Moving toward a more sustainable architecture | Discovering the City Beautiful | Evergreen Brick Works: Rethinking space | Inside Sheppard's Bush | Gala evening launches Lincoln M. Alexander Legacy Fund | Exploring the Beaver River Wetland | Why nature counts | Heritage Matters goes online! | Conference and Reception Centres refreshed | Sustaining species at risk | The guiding principles of sustainable architecture | Building assets | In praise of older windows | What's on the shelf | What's on the web | Guest columnist – Sustainability for old buildings: A developer's perspective

Special edition: From slavery to freedom: Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade, August 2007

Feature story - Slavery in Ontario | Timeline to freedom | Featured organizations | Ontario's Black heritage network | Researching Ontario's Black heritage | Chloe Cooley and the limitation of slavery in Ontario | Black heritage in blue and gold | Black heritage resources

Building vibrant communities, May 2007

Feature story – The R's of conservation | The story of Barnum House | Honours and accolades | Building on our successes | Opening the doors to Ontario's past | New Board appointment | Provincial plaque unveilings in 2007 | Welcome to Trails Open Ontario! | Species at risk: The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) | Leading the way in municipal heritage planning | Doors Open 101 | Tools through time: Protecting the past for the future | What's on the shelf | What's on at the museum | Guest columnist – Battlefield House Museum and Park – A pioneer in the history of preservation

Celebrating 40 years of conservation, February 2007

Celebrating 40 years of conservation: The future of heritage | Celebrating our first Lieutenant-Governor | Along the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail | Exploring Country Heritage Park | Making the grade | New Board appointments | Doors Open Ontario continues to grow | Join Ontario's annual Heritage Week celebration | Honouring a heritage ambassador | Underground discoveries | Heritage by numbers | Heritage conservation at our front door | Carving out a place in our history | What's on the shelf | Guest columnist – In the beginning: The first provincial plaque


Your history, our heritage, September 2006

Feature story: The biography of a house | Literary giants | From person to plaque | Rush and remembrance | Protecting our natural heritage | New Board appointment | "I'll use my freedom well" | The past unveiled | Our porcelain past | Digging in the archives | Keeping a paper trail | Uncovering family history | What's on the shelf | What's on at the gallery | Guest columnist – Saving the Spencerville Mill

The green issue, May/June 2006

Feature story: It's not easy staying green | Giant meteorite slams Algonquin Park | Working together to save our natural heritage | Giving back to nature | Minister of Culture announcement | New Board appointment | It's plaque season! | The Trust gets a new look | Heritage Week highlights | The wedding run | Our provincial tree: The eastern white pine | The anatomy of an easement | Gardening for biodiversity | Making tracks | What's on the shelf | Guest columnist – Remarkable trees: Heritage tree preservation in Ontario

Our cultural heritage places, February 2006

Feature story: Our cultural heritage places | Historic scenery makes second debut | ICOMOS Canada 2005 | Winning the battle | A chat with TVOntario | Behind the scenes: Nearly 20 years with volunteers | Protecting natural spaces in Southern Ontario | Doors Open: Ontario's living heritage exhibition | Appointment to the Board | Working with the Historic Places Initiative | Digging up yesterday | Breaking news: Saving our First Parliament | Small-town museums key to small-town success | Historic wallpaper: Finding what's beneath | Snapshots of the past | What's on the shelf | What's on at the gallery | Guest columnist: The birth of Black History Month


The new Ontario Heritage Act: The evolution of heritage conservation, September 2005

Feature story: The evolution of heritage conservation: The new Ontario Heritage Act | Celebrating Emancipation Day: The greatest freedom show on earth | Steward House commemorated | Preserving our industrial past | Getting the royal treatment | Honouring those who preserve | Young heritage champions | New natural heritage easement properties | The healthy roof: Staying on top of heritage preservation | Unearthing the past: Discoveries at Macdonell-Williamson House | What's on the shelf | What's on at the gallery | Guest columnist: Moving forward with heritage conservation

The changing face of heritage, May 2005

Feature story: The changing face of heritage – The International Style: Toronto's Toronto-Dominion Centre | Visiting the Cheltenham Badlands | Interns help heritage happen | Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site has new owners | Doors Open Ontario: A million visits and counting | Foundation awarded for public archaeology program at Spadina House | Grants help preserve heritage along The Bruce Trail | Upcoming plaques: A season of unveilings | Leidra Lodge: A new conservation easement | Donor testimonial: Clay Benson | Working with super structures: The framework for Ontario's heritage buildings | The Homewood collection | What's on the shelf | What's on at the museum | Guest columnist: Trent University under the modernist microscope

Inside Uncle Tom's Cabin, February 2005

Feature story: Inside Uncle Tom's Cabin | Hurricane Hazel: 50 years later | New Foundation Board members | Olmsted gardens celebrated | It's plaque season! | Adventures in archaeology | Doors Open Ontario: A cultural phenomenon | Starting from the ground up: Foundations and building systems | Gifts of nature: Donations preserve our natural heritage | What's on the shelf | What's on the silver screen | What's on the web | Guest columnist: The Sharon Temple and the heritage of faith