The Cheltenham Badlands

A natural heritage landmark

The Cheltenham Badlands – owned by the Ontario Heritage Trust (the Trust) and managed by the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) – is one of Ontario’s geological treasures. This impressive landscape in Caledon was first formed at the base of an ancient sea over 400 million years ago and was exposed in the early 1900s. The site is a provincially significant Area of Natural and Scientific Interest and one of the most recognizable and visited natural heritage landmarks in southern Ontario.

For more information about how the exposed red shale landscape of the Cheltenham Badlands was formed, why it is significant, and what the Trust and its partners are doing to protect it, here are links to recent news items. Please note that links may not work on all computers.

Cheltenham Badlands temporarily closed: Plan in development to protect rare natural landscape

To protect the fragile and picturesque topography of the Cheltenham Badlands, the exposed red shale landscape is currently closed to the public. Media release

The Ontario Heritage Trust is currently leading a Master Planning process for the site:

Help us preserve the Cheltenham Badlands

The work of the Trust in conserving Ontario’s heritage would not be possible without the support of donors, corporate sponsors and partners across the province. Your support will ensure that the Cheltenham Badlands are enjoyed by future generations.

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