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Some statistics about heritage conservation districts:

  • 7,836 Part IV (i.e., OHA Section 29) heritage designation bylaws.
  • 222 municipalities have enacted one or more Part IV (OHA, section 29) designation bylaws under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • 119 Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) have been approved and are in full force and effect under Part V (OHA section 41).
  • 3 additional HCD bylaws have been passed in the Township of Muskoka Lakes and City of London but are not yet in full force.
  • 16,573 separate properties have been identified in these HCDs, but this number is not complete. It is estimated that there are 1,000 additional properties located in HCDs (17,000 total).  Efforts are underway to obtain missing data from municipalities.
  • 45 Ontario municipalities have at least 1 HCD under the Ontario Heritage Act..
  • 8 properties have been designated by the Minister for archaeological reasons under Part VI of the Ontario Heritage Act.

(Statistical data as of June 2015, generated by the Ontario Heritage Act Register using currently available data.)